5 Cute Styles of Flower Girl Dresses

Picking flower girl dresses can be as fun as finding the bride’s gown! Little, cute girls in lovely dresses just make anyone’s day brighter. They’d look more adorable with such fancy clothes.


Like most dresses, flower girl dresses vary. You can select from one of the timeless styles to the most modern and trendy types. Here are the most popular and favorite types of wedding dresses for flower girls.

1. A-Line Dress

A long A-line dress can make a 3 to 6-year old girl look like a young lady. This is simple yet elegant that can be easily and comfortably worn by little, precious girls.

2. Ball Gown

If you want to make those girls look more fabulous and feel like real princesses, the ball gown would be an excellent pick. It’s natural for most young girls to get giggle over a fairytale-like dress. They surely will be excited wearing one, which makes it easier for them to enjoy their duty as flower girls.

3. Sheath Dress

Another simple but sophisticated type of dress for flowers girls is the sheath dress. This can be knee-length or ankle-length dress depending on the preference of the bride. There can be various designs to choose from, such as ruffles along the hem, with lace, or straight cut. This style is best worn for summer and spring wedding, because the fabric is normally thin.

4. Tea Length Dress

It’s fairly common to see young girls donning a tea length dress. From casual to formal occasions, this is a favorite choice. Hence, there’s no doubt that it’s among the best choices of flower girl dresses.

5. Trapeze Dress


A more casual look type for the wardrobe of flower girls is trapeze dress. It’s a very good choice for summer weddings. It is usually sleeveless, which makes the wearer feel more comfortable. The shape is like A-line but starts from underarm length down to the hemline.

Whatever you choose, these flower girl dresses can surely emphasize just how cute and adorable young girls are. They can add charm to the wedding, especially during the most anticipated march.

While you can have each flower girl wear different styles and cuts, uniformity is something that’s fair to consider. They look better if they wear the exact same cuts and designs. Perhaps, the only difference will be the placing of the accents or accessories, such as the ribbon or bow attached to the dresses.