5 Favorite Wedding Dresses to Choose by the Bride

Women who become bride are excited to wear their wedding dresses. This is probably the most ultimate and beautiful dress every girl can have. Depending on the body type, dresses vary. But it’s not solely based on the size that gives you less option of bridal gowns. Let’s take a look of the famous styles or types of wedding dresses for brides.


1. The A-Line or Princess Wedding Dress

This style of dress is a great choice for any type of woman body. It’s most popular for plus sized brides yet it fits perfectly to any shape from rectangle to inverted triangle, and hour glass to pear. It’s also called as the princess wedding dress because the gowns of Disney and real princesses are A-lined.

2. The Mermaid Wedding Dress

Also known as the trumpet dress, this bridal gown showcases the curves of an engaged woman. It’s one of the popular wedding dresses these modern days because many women want to look sexy during their special day. This best dressed by a long legged, thin or average sized woman.

3. The Empire Wedding Dress

Like the A-line dress, this style is good for all types of body of women. The length of this dress is featured as the fabric extends above the waist to the floor. The waistline is high and the seam is underneath the bust, which is ideal for women who have small busts.

4. The Column or Sheath Wedding Dress

This type of bridal gown is also common these days. The whole fabric runs from the shoulders to the floor. The hem does not flare out. Neckline can differ from one-shouldered strap to strapless. It’s a more ideal wedding dress for slim brides.

5. The Ball Gown Wedding Dress


It’s called as ball gown because of the hem is shaped as a ball. It flares out from the hips. This can give a dramatic and elegant effect. In addition, this dress style is normally matched with bodice that’s fitted. It’s a great choice for any body size and shape.

Have you found the right style from this list of popular wedding dresses? For sure you are more excited to find the perfect gown you can wear as the bride. Have a fun day selecting and shopping for your dream wedding dress.