6 Ways to Find the Plus Sized Wedding Dress

Every woman dreams of getting married and finding that wedding dress just makes it more fun. But what you are going to find is quite more special and distinctive. If you need a plus sized wedding dress, it’s definitely not easier than most think. Anyhow, we’ll discuss what you need to do in buying and choosing your right gown.


Measure Your Body

Bust, shoulders, hips, waist, back, and the height of the legs should be measured. This is the first step that you need to do before you start looking for that plus sized wedding dress. It would be difficult to find the right fit without your proper measurement. You can go visit a local professional to assist you or have your mom and maid of honor help you out.

Browse through the Web

The easiest way to find samples of plus sized wedding gowns is the net. It helps you in getting some ideas of what available designs are there that you can select from plus sized wedding dress designers and stores. Collect as many as you can until you are able to narrow down and get the only gown you’ve been dreaming of.

Dial Numbers or Send Emails

After finding some good designs that you personally like, start calling phones of the local stores and confirm the available dresses and designs that you’ve seen. You can then make an appointment to see those gowns yourself. Don’t be scared or feel uncomfortable to tell you size. There’s nothing to worry about being a plus sized alright.

Invite Your Mom and Maid of Honor

Make your shopping of the plus sized wedding dress a date with your closest girls. This means you invite your mom, sister or cousin, and maid of honor, who I think will be your best friend, and have them help you with your selection.

Image Source: bridalmusings

Have the Patience to Fit Dresses

I bet you’d have a handful of beautiful gowns you can find. And the only way to find out which best suits you is to try wearing each one of them. It will take some time doing this, especially if you have more than a dozen to choose from.

Check the Prices


Don’t forget to make comparison of the price tags of each dress that you want to potentially choose. The one you like best may be also the most expensive and your budget may be cut short. If that’s the case, then you can surely consider the second runner-up dress or anything that is less costly.

Set Your Next Fitting Sessions

The safest way you should do is to have at least one extra plus sized wedding dress. Your first session of gown shopping can be months from your wedding day. Your weight can gain more or lose some, since there’ll be lots of wedding plans to do. So the next time you go back to the store and fit your best choice of the gown it may not be that perfect anymore. And if it’s hard to fix, the extra dress should save you.

Look through the Details

You may not just want to wear a plus sized wedding dress that is plain white. There must be accents, bodice ,lace, jewelry, or anything that makes up a design that can standout. This may seem small or easy to take care of but very important to check.

In searching for that one plus sized wedding dress, be sure to have fun. It’s not just a white gown that you can wear once. It symbolizes you as the bride of the occasion and reflects your personality. And even if you are plus sized, you can come out very attractive.