Attire for Beach Wedding

A wedding at the beach is absolutely best held during summer. It is an obviously the perfect season to ensure the weather is warm, the air is fresh, and the water is cold. This kind of wedding is ideal for expected small or large guests. Regardless, one of the important things that a couple needs to plan is the attire to wear for a beach-themed wedding.


One interesting thing about beach wedding is that it is less formal compared to indoor wedding. Your guests are more comfortable to wear something light and soft. Since it is summer, any colors can be chosen. But if you are struggling on what style and color to choose, here are some ideas that you can consider.

For Women

Attire for Beach Wedding

1. Light Color

Dark colored wedding attire can make you sweat and this is not very ideal for a beach wedding, as you would stay under the sun for a few hours. It is better that you choose light colors of dresses. Some of the most appropriate colors to select are white, sky blue, pale pink, yellow, teal, turquoise, and orange.

2. Light and Soft Fabric

Find a lightweight wedding gown, too. Heavy dresses can make you feel uncomfortable. It must not be too tight as well, as it would not be easy to move. Wearing a light and soft fabric of dress can make you feel at ease, and help walk more conveniently.

3. Flat Shoes

As much as possible, avoid wearing high heels. Note that you will walk on the sand. It is not easy and comfortable to walk with heels. If you are the bride, or one of the bridesmaids, wear a pair of flat shoes instead.

4. Bright Makeup Color

When it comes to makeup, light color is a more ideal shade. This is simple and can correspond to the location. Yet, add a little bit of dark colors to make the bright shades more noticeable. Like the general rule, match the makeup to the attire.


For Men

1. Casual or Formal

Unlike women, men can wear either something casual or formal. They can surely wear regular tuxedos or suits with ties. But it is more convenient if they wear light, like soft polo shirt or Hawaiian shirt and khaki pants.

2. Ideal Footwear

If your theme is Hawaiian, Tahitian, or any other related type, you can wear a pair of sandals or slippers for men. But if the dresses for men are formal, the shoes have to be closed and made of leather.

Wedding attires come in many styles and colors. They need to be absolutely suitable for the theme and location of the occasion. Both women and men must find the ideal dresses that match the main theme and motif. Whether you buy or rent, make sure to follow the suggestions provided here. Those are your fashion guide to look fabulous during the special day. That must be kept in mind, especially if you are the bride, the groom, or one of those people who have a big role on the wedding.