Cocktail Dress or Long Gown for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dresses can either be in long gowns or cocktail dresses. If you are having difficulty choosing between the two styles, this is the information you need to read. Let’s talk about the differences between a cocktail dress and a long gown for bridesmaids.


Formality and Style

Wedding can be semi-formal or formal type of event. Somehow, it can be considered a cocktail party. Either way, for formality’s sake, bridesmaids need to wear long gowns or cocktail dresses. This is one thing that really doesn’t differentiate cocktail dresses to long gowns.

Skirt Length

Cocktail dresses vary from the mid-thigh to the knee length. This kind of dress for bridesmaids is perfect for women with nice legs, and body in general. It is much shorter than the long gowns. For a bridesmaid dress, mid-thigh is definitely not an appropriate size. If you choose a cocktail gown instead, the best length of the skirt must be within the knees or as below as five to six inches from the ankle.

On the other hand, long gowns or dresses are suitable for all types of body shapes. Generally, the length of long gowns is until the ankle, but can also extend up to the feet or to the floor. Because of the length, it is a perfect match to the formality of the occasion. Most bridesmaids do wear long dresses to add elegance to their natural beauty for the special wedding day.


The fabric for cocktail dresses is usually 100% cotton, feather weight, silk, wool, satin or a mix of those or other materials. For long gowns, they are made up of heavy materials, which include taffeta, silk, velvet, and satin. Sometimes long dresses are also made of soft types like chiffon, organza, and taffeta.


Another element to identify the differences between short and long dresses for bridesmaids is the style of the skirt. Long dresses can be designed in many types, including ball gowns, flared skirt, A-line, mermaid, and trumpet. For cocktail gowns, the style of skirt is fewer, such as pencil skirt, A-line, flare and traditional shape.

The designs of the top part of dresses vary. They can be styled in both short and long gowns. There is the strapless, one-strap design, full bodice, halter, or with short sleeves. Since the dresses are exclusively for bridesmaids, any style of this part can be chosen, and have to be based on personal matter.



Like designs and styles, cocktail dresses or long gowns can come with various colors. If the dresses are for bridesmaids, it means they have to be used for the wedding event. And every wedding event has a theme or motif color. Through that detail, you can easily choose the right color of bridesmaid dresses.


Most long dresses are expensive, although you can find some cheaper alternatives. One reason is because of the long size from width to length of the fabric used to create dresses. Of course, cocktail dresses are shorter, so there is no need to use longer or more fabric, which makes them a little bit cheaper to buy at the end of the day.

Whatever makes the types of bridesmaid dresses different doesn’t really matter. It is all about finding the right style and color that match the theme of the wedding. Of course, the dress for each bridesmaid needs to have the right fit of their size, too. Yet, the point is that there is freedom and fun in choosing the right bridesmaid dresses for wedding events.

If you are the bride, you can work with your bridesmaids to have the best design of dresses. If you are one of those bridesmaids, it is your fully duty to choose and suggest, until the bride approves.