Design Your Own Wedding Dress

So maybe you’re not Vera Wang, or even your second cousin Vera, the artistic one in the family who graduated design school with flying colors; even so, you still can design your own wedding dress.


The prospect of designing an elegant, intricate gown, particularly one that you will wear on one of the most important days of your life, may seem like an intimidating proposition.  Yet you can design your own wedding dress; it’s easier than you think!

You don’t have to hold a degree in fashion design, or for that matter advanced technical skills, to design your own wedding dress.  All you need is a little imagination and a long memory.

Just think back to your childhood, when you dreamed of and imagined your wedding day.  Most little girls harbor this daydream at one time or another; just as they have their own version of the ideal wedding dress.

Maybe it’s a smooth silken gown of classic ivory, embellished with pearls and lace.  Or maybe it’s a lovely but unconventional dress of satin or cotton, one that bears a dramatic hue like red or bright pink.   Or maybe it’s a dress that lies dramatically in between; in any case, it’s time to seize the vision you entertained as a child and make it a ravishing reality.  It’s time to design your own wedding dress!

You will, of course, have to have some basic knowledge of dress making in order to design your own wedding dress.  If you lack this knowledge, you may want to hire a dressmaker who will design your gown according to your specifications.  If this prospect proves too pricey, you may opt instead to hand the job over to a mother, grandmother, aunt, or other family member (how ‘bout good ol’ second cousin Vera?:) who is adept at the fashion arts.


Or you may want to grab a sewing kit and some dress patterns and do the job yourself; perhaps you could make a wedding dress that, ultimately, can be passed on to your daughter, your daughter in law, or perhaps even your granddaughter.   The dress you design could morph into a family tradition.

Indeed, your decision to design your own wedding dress is far more than a fashion choice; it’s a heartfelt gesture that will make one of the most important days of your life all the more special—not to mention unforgettable.