Dresses for Wedding Guests

When planning to attend a wedding ceremony, dresses for wedding guests are always an important consideration.  Out of respect to the happy couple, to friends and family, and of course to herself, the guest wants to look her best on this very special day.


Many women like their dresses for wedding guests cheap but beautiful; and to this end, many formal boutiques—both brick and mortal stores and online clothes outlets—offer sales and discounts on formal gowns.  Furthermore, consignment boutiques and thrift stores offer cheap prices year-round.

Dresses for wedding guests in winter should consist of heavy but elegant fabrics such as silk and velvet.  The long sleeves and extensive lengths of many wedding formals are ideal for warm weather, as are the darker colors, such as ebony and deep scarlet, which befit a good number of these fancy frocks.

Summer dresses for wedding guests, by contrast, boast lighter material and often come in floral prints.  Nothing makes for a beautiful and artistic wedding tableau like a flock of summer frocks, worn by women with exquisite fashion sense and a glamorous and earthy ‘summer girl’ look.  The hues of these dresses tend to be as light as the cotton, light silken and satin fabrics used to create them; indeed, pink, gold, baby blue and light red tend to reign among the predominating colors when it comes to summer dresses for wedding guests.  In addition, these dresses tend to be shorter and have lower necklines than their cool weather counterparts.


Formal dresses for wedding guests are a definite must at any marriage ceremony.  This is not the time to pull out your flashy disco minis or subdued house dresses; indeed, a grand occasion calls for an elegant dress.  This may be the time to spend a few extra bucks on a long silk gown with an intricately woven artistic design; or perhaps a fun but tasteful party dress in a vibrant and hearty shade such as pink, red or lavender.

At the same time, every smart bride knows that not every guest will be able to score a top of the line designer original.  The only absolute requirements for dresses for wedding guests is that they be tasteful, festive and appropriate, and that they come complete with the most important accessory of all: a warm, loving smile for the bride and groom.