Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

So you’re set to attend the wedding of a friend, co-worker or family member; but you don’t make a habit of dressing like a prom queen on a daily basis, and you don’t have the veritable queen’s ransom to spend on dresses to wear to a wedding.


Never fear; at any given wedding, the bride is the undisputed star and center of attention.  She is the only one who needs to wear a really elaborate dress; her guests, by contrast, have choices.

True, each guest wants to look her best when attending a wedding.  Yet the ‘best’ differs slightly for each individual, especially when it comes to dresses to wear to a wedding.

Some women might indeed choose dresses to wear to a wedding that are long, flowing, silky and drenched in elegance.  She might select a satiny sundress or a foot-length floral frock; and while she may want to avoid the classic ivory look generally designated for the bride, she could choose a dress that would liken her to a member of the bridal party; and that, of course, will make her look in place in any wedding photos.

Another woman, by contrast, might prefer a younger, trendier look when selecting dresses to wear to a wedding.  Her ideal dress might be shorter, funkier, flashier, and could be made in a decidedly unconventional color or style.  Now keep in mind that the occasion of a wedding is not the time to pull out the old dance club mini dress; yet you can express yourself with a trendy little number that will wow ‘em on the dance floor at the reception.

Comfort is another consideration when choosing dresses to wear to a wedding.  Again, you don’t want to attend a formal wedding celebration in jeans and a T-shirt.  Yet a long, airy cotton frock would be perfectly acceptable or—for that matter—a smart pantsuit.  After all, today’s woman does not have to wear a dress in order to dress up!


Oh, and don’t worry about selling the family farm in order to afford dresses to wear to a wedding.   Nice dresses can be found at any department store and even at resale shops; also look online and even at garage sales, the true homes of hidden treasures.

The search for the perfect dresses to wear to a wedding can be a long, complex process; but when shopping for these dresses, offer yourself the same advice you’d probably give the bride: relax, enjoy the day, and be sure to look and feel fabulous!