Facts to Know about Army Wedding Attire

Wedding is the most romantic scene every couple can experience throughout their lives together, well, aside from the days she said yes when he was still courting her and when he proposed. This is one of the most unforgettable memories to both sides.


Getting married is not only making vows with your partner in front of many people. It is also about committing your entire life to that person, regardless of the situation, both in good and bad times.

Marrying a person from the military is a different feeling. You are not only a happy bride, but going to be an army wife! That is like double joy, isn’t it? Keep in mind that being married to someone from the military, who is serving the country and sacrificing his life, is a wonderful feeling. The wedding is not also ordinary. You need to follow the military customs when it comes to wedding. However, the benefits are endless for sure.

Military wedding is both an amazing experience and a privilege for the partner of the military person. This is often a very formal occasion. The groom, or the bride who is in the military, or if both are in the service, as well as selected officers should wear their respective uniforms. However, there is the freedom for the bride and the groom to choose whatever they want to wear on their wedding day. But most officers are proud to wear their own military uniforms according to their respective ranks.

White and black tie is often good for a formal wedding, including a military wedding. Guests, who are not part of the military team, such as the family and close friends, can wear black suits and tuxedos, and black dresses.

For the class-A or Service personnel, they can wear the “mess” dress. This means they have to wear their distinctive uniforms, which is usually a dark-blue uniform for the army soldier.

Most of the time, bride and her bridesmaids often deal with traditional wedding gowns and dresses. But it is recommended that you confirm the designs of dresses first to your officials or to the officials of your partner to avoid misunderstandings.

If the groom is in the military service, he should wear his uniform. This will make your wedding formal and suitable to the theme. Groomsmen often wear gloves because one of them will handle the ring, and some will be the ushers of the event.


Parents of the groom, whether they are retired or still serving in the military, need to complement their attire to the theme of the wedding as well. If not they can use any traditional wedding dresses they personally like to wear.

Most of the time, guests of the bride and groom are a combination of officials and non-official personnel. For the non-military person they can wear something decent. It can be the usual traditional wedding dresses, but have to be formal as well. Ask them to wear something that can complement to the formal theme, like black, black and white, and blue dresses. Officials actually know what they will be wearing on the wedding.

If you are going to marry someone from the military, particularly an army soldier, it is a privilege you have to put into your mind. Of course, the whole wedding itself would be a wonderful one for sure. This can create lots of amazing moments that you and your soon-to-be spouse will never forget. But regardless how different this may be when compared to traditional weddings, you still have to plan ahead of time to ensure you prepare the best that you need.