How to Dress as a Guest on a Wedding Day

You have received the invitation already and confirmed that you will be attending. There is no more backing down. And as one of the people on the guest list, your first priority is to know what to wear. Even if you are not a bridesmaid, an usher, or a singer, but invited to witness the wedding of your friend or family, dressing up is definitely essential. You do not just want to go there in a comfortable t-shirt and jeans. This is a formal and special event that requires you to wear properly. So, here are tips for you to be able to find that perfect attire you can wear for the occasion.


Identify Your Fashion Style

Everyone is different when it comes to what kind of dress to wear. Some are comfortable in wearing long, loose dresses, while others are happier in a bit tight, short ones. You have to find where your style is in regards to attire. Are you more convenient putting on a gown with a slit up to the thigh or just below the knee? Do you find it comfortable to wear a sleeveless dress, tube, or with sleeves?

Check the Details

Though you have you own freedom of choosing a wedding dress, there is still restriction applied. The factors that can cause you to stop and think for a second include the theme, etiquette, season, and location of the wedding.

For instance, the occasion takes place on the bottom part of a rocky mountain during fall or early winter. Most of the time, the color recommended is dark. So you do not only get a dress that can keep you warm, but also suitable to the season. Likewise, if you are invited to a beach wedding, you’d likely wear something light and soft, and not to wear a trench coat.

Avoid Scandalous Attire

Another restriction that you must keep in mind when trawling for a wedding dress for guest is its look. Do not try to wear something that makes cleavage visible. Avoid wearing very tight and short dress. This event may be a party but not to find guys whom you can flirt with. You still have to remember the etiquette for guests on a wedding, which primarily involves the type of dress to wear.

Accessorize Your Look

Wedding Guest Dress

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Your outfit is not only detailed on the overall style and design of the dress itself. It is also indicated by the other things you wear for the event. There is a need to wear a pair of shoes, jewelry, and a clutch or hand bag. Well, make sure that every accessory is a match to your dress, and to one another. They need to harmonize in terms of color, and fashion details.

Wear Makeup and a Good Hairstyle


You do not just settle for a beautiful dress, stylish shoes, or expensive jewelry. You also need to ensure you look good from head to toe. That means your facial features should be as gorgeous as your dress. However, do not attempt to outshine the bride, because you are not the main star of the occasion. But this does not mean that you avoid putting on some blush on on your cheek, eyeliner around your lids, eye shadow below your brows, and lipstick on your lips. Without a beautiful hairstyle, makeup won’t be that noticeable. So, ensure that you also have a great hair on that day. To add more, have your fingernails and toenails polished with a color that matches your overall getup.

Prepare Early

On the day of the wedding, do not focus much on yourself and your attire. If you know that it will take you time to dress up, start getting up early. That way you won’t put too much effort and time dressing yourself, when at the end you’d reach the wedding venue late. You must still go there on time, and do not let your wardrobe ruin the most important role you take, which is to be able to witness the wedding before and after it begins.

Being a guest on a wedding is a privilege. So, do not feel you are just a visitor who has to be added on the list for the sake of having good attendance on the wedding of your loved one or friend. You are invited because you are special and important to them. So, try to be the best by wearing an appropriate, stunning dress, even if you just have to sit and mingle with other guests on this special occasion.