How to Dress for Summer Wedding

Summer is a beautiful time to get married. More and more couples choose summer months as the ideal time for their wedding date. Even though it’s not your wedding, if you are invited to that special occasion, there’s one goal to do. That is to dress yourself and impress!


There are many reasons why wearing the right dresses is important for this occasion. It must be appropriate based on the location. In most cases, summer wedding takes place on a beach. You must determine if a long gown is well suited, and if the fabric is proper.

Summer wedding attires must make you look fresh and vibrant. Bright and pastel colors are really perfect for summer. These are shades that are pleasant to the eyes. If you are not sure of what kind of summer wedding dress to wear, consider the following.

1. Show Off Your Shoulders

Some people think that showing shoulders are not appropriate on this event. Most summer wedding dresses come in one-shoulder strap or no strap at all. The bride and her bridesmaids usually wear gowns without sleeves at all to make them feel comfortable with the weather. Guests who are female can also put on a dress without sleeves or a pair of thin straps. Regardless, be sure to apply some light bronzer on your shoulders to have extra glow. For the jewelry, silver or gold necklace are good to match up for these styles of dresses.

2. Expose the Legs

Cocktail dresses are perfect for summer wedding. This length of dress will add a cooling sensation. It is attire that still looks formal despite its knee length. Make sure the length must not be way too above your knee, but rather lower or half inches above the knees. If you have lovely, long legs, this is the dress that can highlight them, especially when you have heels on.


3. Choose Bright Colors


Earth and dark color, such as brown, dark green, black, and grey, are not good for summer wedding. It can only make you dull and less energy. Unless the wedding is held in the evening, choose a lighter color. Some of the bright colors to select are aqua blue, light green, yellow, pink, fuchsia, cream, and white. These colors can provide relaxation both to the sight and feel. It will give you a refreshing look the special day.

4. Pick Soft Fabric

In terms of the material, choose only light fabric for your dress. It can be cotton, satin, or silk. The material must not be too thick. Remember you have to feel comfortable when wearing a dress in summer.

5. Add Style and Uniqueness

Who said that ruffles on dresses are not good for wedding? This is just one unique design that can be added into a dress. You can have a bow or ribbon tied at the back, too, and this is very common on wedding dresses. It can also be just a slit to show more of your sexy legs. If you have a different fashion taste, you need to consider that as well.

Choosing a summer wedding dress for women should not be hard. As long as you consider the theme and location of the wedding, you can easily find the best attire that suits your personal taste. Actually, the bride and the groom will decide on what kind of attire to wear by their guests on their wedding day. You only have to meet those criteria along with your preferences. Nonetheless, do not forget to consider the tips enlisted above to help you pick the right wedding attire.