How to Dress Your Ring Bearer

You may see and say that a ring bearer is a small, cute, and lovable kid in his tuxedo. But dressing him is a task that you need to prepare. Like the flower girls, the ring bearer also needs to look good. Here are some quick ways on how to make your cute bearer look good on your wedding day.



1. The kind of dress that the ring bearer should wear must be formal, depending on the wedding theme. Traditionally, most brides choose velvet and satin suits for their little guy. Often times, the choice are dark colors, such as hunter green and navy blue. You may also choose shorts instead of pants.

However, be sure that your little guy is comfortable with his suit. The attire must keep him convenient and look good at the same time. Encourage also your cute guy to try some other clothes before your wedding. This provides you a better way to find the right attire for him.

2. Consider its favorite dress. Well, sometimes we cannot force young guys to wear attire that they don’t like. You also ask them for the types of dresses they like to wear. Their favorite may be considered if it is suitable for the special occasion. Then you may just select the color based on the theme of the wedding.

3. Playful little guys have the tendency to mess up their attire. It can be easily stained or cut. That’s why you need to also consider the thickness or quality of the material. Plus, it has to be a neutral or dark color. Stains are easily seen on light colored dresses.

4. Match the ring bearer’s attire to the flower girls’ dresses. They do not walk on the aisle together at once. But it is still a proper idea if the design of his dress is similar to the cute little gowns of the flower girls.


Occasionally, it is not hard to choose the right attire and dress up your ring bearer. He is of young age with small body, but you still need to consider some essential things to make sure your ring bearer feels convenient and look great at the same time. Otherwise, he would likely remove his coat or play with his clothes.

Any kind of wedding attire for little boys, either short or pants, polo or polo shirt with vest and coat, ring bearers must be dressed up so cute. Like flower girls, he also can add charm to the wedding ceremony, especially when marching down the aisle toward the altar. Nonetheless, all you have to do is to follow the tips and ideas discussed above. You must consider those things before buying or renting a wedding attire for your adorable, little ring bearer. The role of a ring bearer may not be as many as other participants, but still important. Besides, he is the one to present the rings that the bride and the groom need to complete the ceremony.