Let’s Talk about Attire for Military Wedding

For cadets, marines, and army, military wedding is the most ideal type of ceremony. This has unique features that you cannot find in other wedding types. One of the most distinctive features is the attire. Hence, let’s focus on this aspect if you are going to get married in this sort or have been invited as a guest.


When it comes to military wedding, there is a certain protocol that you need to follow. Remember that this is what makes this kind of wedding different from other usual weddings.

Generally, any members of the military, which may include the bride, the groom, and guests or participants, should wear proper military uniforms. However, the type of uniform that should be worn depends and based on the Government Issue uniform manual. The season, day, and style of the wedding are also other things to consider.

The Army Mess and Class A Uniform

There are two kinds of uniform that you can wear for a military wedding. They are the “Mess” and “Class A” military uniform. Mess uniforms are for both formal and ultra-formal weddings. It can be a black and white tie event. In other branches, this is called the dark blue attire. During summer, either army or navy, men who are in the service usually wear white pants. For Class-A type, the dress is right for a semiformal wedding. This is in fact the most common attire worn on a military wedding.

The Bride and Her Bridesmaids

If the bride is the military member, she is expected to wear her uniform. If her bridesmaids are in the service too, they have to wear their own respective uniforms as well. However, the military bride can still choose a traditional wedding white gown to wear if that is her desire. In many cases, the bride still wear a white dress instead.

The Groom and His Men

The groom has to wear his uniform if he is a member of the military. Likewise, his groomsmen should wear their military attire, whether they are active or not in the service.

You may also notice that in a military wedding, there are people who wear their uniforms have boutonnieres. Note, the only individuals who can wear boutonnieres are the officer. This is technically part of their uniform.

If either or both fathers of the bride and groom are active or retired officers, they can wear their respective uniforms as well. While for mothers of the bride and groom, they have the option whether to don on their service uniform or not.


The Guests

Guests can be classified into two groups. Some can be members in the military, while others are ordinary family relatives and friends. If they are in the service, it is a must for them to wear their own military uniforms. All military personnel and commanding officers are seated in front and arranged according to their ranks. While they can actually freely wear any formal attire, most military members wear their uniforms as a way to show their dedication and loyalty for the country.

Non-military members should wear any traditional and formal wedding attire. They are not required to do the same with the military members since they do not have that kind of uniform in the first place.

A military wedding is only for couples who are in the service as navy or army members. It is a very unique wedding ceremony that does not only represent pride for the country but also real love of the couples. This can still provide many great memories that newlyweds can cherish all throughout their married lives.