Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

When it comes to bridal fashions, many designers are heralding a return to the classical; and perhaps nothing is more classic than long sleeve wedding dresses.


The ultimate statement of sublime elegance, long sleeve wedding dresses are both beautiful and graceful, not to mention versatile.

Indeed, long sleeve wedding dresses could come complete with sleeves that are smooth and even puffy and grand.   Their distinctive sleeves could bear pearls, eyelet, frills and lace, or have distinctive patterns.  Or they could come completely unadorned, bearing an appearance that’s clear and smooth.

The sleeves attached to long sleeve wedding dresses should be an extension of the gown’s overall style.   A grandly designed princess-style gown should have sleeves that are elegant and ornate, complete with pearls, eyelet and lace.   A more classic dress will bear sleeves that are unadorned but still lovely.

And, of course, the sleeves of long sleeve wedding dresses always should reflect the color of the overall gown.   Pink polka dot sleeves may be very fetching, but not if they’re attached to a gown of ivory lace!

Aside from being elegant and fashionable, long sleeve wedding dresses are particularly ideal for wintertime and/or outdoor weddings.   A bride who plans a beautiful outdoor ceremony on a cold winter’s evening will freeze her fashionable keister off in a short sleeve or off the shoulder gown; for this type of occasion, long sleeve wedding dresses are the only sensible choice.

And even during daytime weddings or in warmer climates, long sleeve wedding dresses are generally still comfortable, provided that their fabric is light and airy.

Long sleeve wedding dresses are also a good choice at traditional ceremonies, where guests will expect to see a conventional ivory lace gown complete with lengthy sleeves.


Of course, long sleeves also look in place on more modernistic gowns, like a long gown of sleek pearl pink, a shorter fire red effort, or a gown of purple or lavender velvet that would look equally in place at a wedding or dinner party.

And as an added bonus, long sleeve wedding dresses can successfully cover up any nervous goose bumps that may erupt on the arms of an anxious bride.:)

Class and elegance never go out of style; and nothing says “fancy” more than classically designed long sleeve wedding dresses.  Make your wedding ceremony the most beautiful and refined it can be with the addition of long sleeve wedding dresses.