Romantic Strapless Wedding Dress

Every woman is longing to find Mr. Right, and once she finds her, the next dream to come true is to wear the most beautiful and glamorous bridal dress. Perhaps, you are just recently engaged and about to marry the dream man of your life. First off, congratulations as you are officially going to be his wife soon!


As we’re talking about, the bride’s dress is such a luxury. We will focus on this particular matter as you wait for that day to walk down the aisle. Among the best style to wear of the year is the romantic, sweetheart strapless wedding gown.

Simple but Stunning

A romantic strapless wedding dress is a beautiful type of gown for a bride. Its name tells a lot of how it looks like and how gorgeous it is. The cut on the front is incredibly pretty as it highlights the chest and probably the cleavage of the bride, too. A romantic, sweetheart type of cut style usually varies from a semi heart shape to an almost fully one. It also features the beautiful shape of a woman’s torso. In other words, it is a womanly style that fits to any size of bride. So, whether you have a good size of breasts or not, this is the kind of dress you would want to wear on your wedding day.


Different types of fabric can be used to create a very pretty romantic wedding dress. You can mix and match all available materials for your dream bridal attire. The upper part or bodice of the dress can be made of cotton and covered with lace or plain, while the skirt can be tulle or silk. What’s interesting about this style is that the bride has flexibility to choose on the kinds of fabric. Whatever fabric or fabrics you choose, the bodice has to be tight enough, so you won’t experience a wardrobe malfunction on your special day.

While the strapless, heart shape is a beautiful view to look upon, this kind of bridal dress also highlights the skirt. You can opt for any style, length of the skirt and tail. For women who have short legs, a ball gown or an A-line would be a nice choice. Those with longer legs can have a mermaid style to feature the hips. The question now is which one works for you?

Match with Jewelry


Another good and interesting thing about romantic strapless dress for brides is that you can emphasize a necklace. You really have to wear a very nice piece of jewelry around your neck, since the shoulders and upper chest are bare. Your favorite pearl, gold with heart pendant, or anything you like is an excellent choice, as long as it matches the design of your dress. Aside from a necklace, you can also have a bracelet and a pair of earrings. Again, all those jewelry items should match each other.

Because the dress is strapless, there is also an option to use gloves. Some brides do wear elegant gloves in short sizes. This idea makes it look more formal, but can be also good for semi-formal wedding. If your wedding is going to happen on a beach, it’s best to not have gloves.

Designer and Budget Options

You have two major options when it comes to the wearing of a bridal dress. First, you can hire a designer to make your dream wedding attire. The second option is to buy a ready-made dress from a local but exclusive store of bride’s gowns and dresses. If you choose to have a customized wedding dress, you know just how high the cost is when compared to a fully made dress that you can grab at a store. Although the gown of a bride is really quite expensive than a normal dress, it is also not wrong to save some money for it. Plus, there are beautiful romantic strapless dresses that are not really pricey.

As you wait for that moment to arrive, take your time to plan in choosing the right dress to wear as the bride. You need to very stunning and elegant during that day. It will be showcased through the wedding dress.