Second Wedding Dresses

Sometimes things are even better the second time around; so when choosing second wedding dresses, make sure that yours is the best and most beautiful of all!


As second-time brides tend to be mature ladies with a long-established sense of style and fashion, second wedding dresses with long, pearled or braided sleeves are very popular at today’s weddings.  Long sleeves add an elegant accent to just about any frock, especially an elegant wedding gown.

Other brides may wish to depart from the pristine elegance that marked their first ceremonies; they like their second wedding dresses short and oh so sweet.  Forsaking the long, virginal gown of ivory that typifies first weddings, a second time bride might opt instead for a short, sexy but still tasteful number in colors ranging from pink to azure.  Aside from making a definite fashion statement, a shorter wedding dress allows for far more freedom of movement; and with this type of gown, standard accessories such as cuffs and a veil might not be needed.

Along these same lines, simple second wedding dresses make the perfect choice for many brides.  After investing exorbitant amounts of money in the elegant gown that had filled her dreams since her childhood, she may now choose a dress that—while still lovely—is more comfortable and functional.  The dress may boast a straight skirt and basic sleeves instead of bows, swirls and flourishes, and silky or satiny fabric as opposed to pearls and lace.

Indeed, casual second wedding dresses are prevalent and even expected at today’s second weddings.  A knee-length of frock of red or pink satin, or a foot-length dress of blue or yellow cotton or gold lame, might well befit a woman who has reached a certain level of confidence or maturity in her life.  One doesn’t have to invest in the classic white lace wedding dress in order to make a beautiful bride.


Second wedding dresses are as varied and individual as brides themselves; and, while she may consult friends, family members and perhaps even the groom about her choice of wedding gown, ultimately she must decide for herself what to wear on her wedding day.  This is not only her big day, but the first day of a whole new and hopefully very wonderful life.  That is why first-class second wedding dresses are the order of the big day!