Short Bridal Dresses – Yay or Nay?

Most wedding gowns for brides are long with tails. That has been the traditional attire regardless of the design. The bride’s dress is a very important wedding accessory. It is a symbolic attire of how a woman must act, how she is treated, and how she fits in the society. It is a common dream of every girl to wear a beautiful wedding dress on the big and special day of her life.


Let’s talk about short bridal dresses instead. This is not a common choice for many women who are getting married. It is rare to find brides that are wearing short, white gowns on their wedding. But what makes you choose a short wedding dress? How is it different than the traditional, long gown? We will discuss the answers to those questions along with tips and ideas on how to select a short wedding dress for the bride.

Bold and Fierce

When you choose a short bridal dress, it is simply making a fashion statement. And who cares if you prefer a shorter dress on your wedding day? It is your special event so that means you can do anything you want. There is nothing wrong if you show some legs. Most short dresses for brides are not that mini anyway. They are cocktail dresses that are cut in knee length. If you have sexy, long legs, you’d look fantastic wearing a short, white wedding dress.

Comfortable in High Heels

What’s good about short dresses aside from the fact that you can highlight your shoes is that it gives comfort. It is easy for you to move like walking and standing if you are on a short dress. There is no hassle anymore of trying to grab the tail or the end of the skirt. Whether the hips part is tight or not, it is definitely a lot more convenient to move with a shorter length of bridal dress.

Plenty of Choices

Short wedding dresses are becoming popular nowadays. That only implies that you can expect a lot of various designs to choose from. There are strapless A-line dresses, sweetheart pencil skirt, one-strap cocktail dress, and others. Other than the design, a wide range of fabric is also available from 100% cotton to silk, tulle to polyester, etc. It will be really fun to choose the material and design of a short wedding dress for brides.

Fit to Any Shape and Size


Whether you are tall or short, fat or thin, a short bridal dress can make you standout and look amazing. Sexiness is not evident on the physical shape of your body, but how you look on a dress. That’s why knee-length dresses for wedding are a great choice because they can transform your plain, simple appearance into a more beautiful, gorgeous woman.

It can be optional to wear a short bride’s dress for the ceremony, but on the reception, you can don a stunning cocktail dress in full white color. Some brides choose to change their outfit after the ceremony. You can also opt for this idea if part of you still wants to wear a long, traditional wedding gown.

So, to answer the headline, is it a good idea to wear a short dress on a wedding event if you are the bride? Yes, absolutely yes. Like long gowns, short dresses for brides have advantages that will certainly make a woman look more attractive, sexy and elegant. The only secret key is to find the best fit and gorgeous design that can give you the limelight.