The Basics of Dresses for Fall Wedding

Generally, many couples prefer to tie the knot when the sun is out, such as summer and spring. It can be really a perfect time to say “I do” to your beloved partner. But today, winter and fall are becoming popular as well.


Everybody knows that when it comes to church wedding, the attire must be conservative. This means all participants and guests are expected to wear the right wedding attire. While in the reception, you can wear a more semi-formal.

Other than the place, the season is one factor that helps you choose the right dress to wear. For a wedding that takes place during the fall season, it is best to know the right elements. It must not be only based on the perfect fitting to your body and budget. It must be on the details of the materials and designs of the attire.

1. For Women

The Length

Consider the time of the wedding when choosing a formal dress for fall. This can help you provide the best wedding attire that suits well to the event. Obviously, wedding attire for ladies and men are not the same.

For ladies, they should wear short dress, particularly the knee-length. This is more appropriate for a morning wedding. If it is evening, it should be a long gown or a cocktail dress.


The Fabric

You can choose a much heavier type of fabric, such as brocade, velvet, and wool. Other light materials are alright to wear, too, as long as you put on a wrap, shawl, jacket, and anything for covering. Remember you must keep yourself warm as fall is a cold season.

The Color

Colors for evening wedding dresses for fall are available in many options, such as orange, bright yellow, forest green, gray, burgundy, and plum. These are the shades that are more suitable in fall and winter.

Shoes and Hosiery

When it comes to footwear, pumps and stilettos are the ins these days. You can also wear a pair knee-high boots as long as it matches to your overall getup. However, do not choose peep-toed, high stilettos, or strappy sandals for winter or fall weddings. In order to keep your body warmer, you may wear a pair of pantyhose or hosiery. This is optional but can also look great to the legs.


2. For Men

Men can wear standard tuxedo in any color they want. In most cases, black is the popular choice. Black tie wedding attire for men is rampant in all types of wedding, regardless of the location, theme, time, and season.

If you are a male and invited to a fall wedding, you are still expected to wear a tuxedo, particularly in a black suit paired with white shirt and black bow or tie. You can also optionally wear a vest with matching color. When it comes to formal wear, colors are usually dark. If not black, you can choose gray, navy blue, dark brown, or silver.

For Accessories

Actually, you don’t need to over accessorize your body with jewelry, especially if you use gold or diamonds. As long as you are comfortable with any accessories that can be paired with your attire, then you should look gorgeous. Sometimes, simplicity is the best beauty weapon when it comes to dressing up for a special occasion like this fall wedding.

Everyone wants to look glamorous when attending a big occasion. Whether they are family members or guests, they still want to dress something nice and formal for a fall wedding. Remember to find what makes you comfortable and stylish when wearing a wedding attire.