The Basics of Wedding Attire

There is no question that wedding is one of the most prestigious events in the life of every individual. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and according to the Bible, a sacred one. It is believed by religious affiliations that two people who are joined together should not be separated by others, but only in death.


Lots of engaged couple decide to prepare their wedding for a whole year or half. It does need enough time to prepare and plan this kind of occasion to make it unique and very interesting. It must be an event that is not only looked forward to by the couple, but also their family and guests.

If you take a look of the previous weddings that you have attended, most brides wear a white gown, and grooms in black tuxedo. It is a formal type of occasion, wherein guests also wear exclusive and glamorous attire. This has been practiced for many decades, but, some opt for something out of the trend. They choose to wear a non-traditional color. In fact, there are several colors of wedding dresses that are already accepted nowadays.

It is a bit difficult to choose what attire is really good for you. Despite the many colors available, you can simply base it on the theme color of the event. The wedding theme is the easiest way to select the right color of dresses to wear.

Unless a specific instruction is given by the bride and groom, guests do not need to follow the motif of the occasion regarding what to wear. As long as it is right and appropriate for the occasion, they can wear anything formal or semi-formal. Sometimes, it can be also casual, but it must not be a shirt and jeans kind of attire. The groom and the bride expect their guests to look fabulous on their gowns and tuxedos as well.

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Remember that wedding is a formal event that surely requires formality in attire. Dresses and tuxedos are very available in many colors, designs, styles, and fabrics. They can be bought at any local boutique. People also have the option to customize attire, whether they are dresses for women or tuxedo for men.

Other than the attire itself, the couple and their guests must also incorporate some accessories. These may refer to neckties or bow ties, jewelry, shoes, hair style, makeup, and purse. It is like attending a red carpet on Hollywood’s Golden Globes or Oscar Awards. That alone should give you an idea on just how formal this event is.

Many guests are excited and looking forward to this event. Whether they are relatives or friends of either the groom or the bride, they cannot help themselves to feel happy and thrilled also. For the bride and the groom, it is a double excitement, of course. They both need to be the ones who stand out among the people in terms of dresses and looks.