Wedding Attire Tips and Ideas for Flower Girls

Dressing your little angels with adorable wedding outfit that perfectly suits their tiny body is an enjoyable and wonderful task. They can surely add charm and beauty to your wedding. Having them walk in the aisle throwing petals of flowers and confetti is an inspiring to watch. That is why it is proper to choose elegant attires for those cute girls to make them look more delightful.


Choosing wedding dresses for flower girls is one of the easiest tasks. Because they are small in sizes and not meticulous on what to wear, there is no difficult preparing or buying their dresses. But for sure you need some ideas to avoid wasting money and time. Well, here are some quick tips for you.

Picking dresses for flower girls can somehow be based on personality and appearance. Note every little girl is playful, jolly, and happy. If your flower girls are playful, a simple cut and no artistic designs are good for them. Do not choose garment that is too elegant for their charming looks. Plus, the material may be costlier than cotton. There is a high chance for their dresses to get worn out or cut because of their charismatic attitude.

Age is another factor to think about. Ball gowns are more ideal for girls from age 3 to 5. Designer wedding gowns can be used for 6 to 8-year old girls. Girls at these ages can already know how to walk properly and take care of their gown. Long gown or below the knee wedding dress with elegant designs can make them look like little princesses. It looks much cuter if you accessorize their heads with small tiaras and gold or silver necklace paired with.

When it comes to shoes make sure that they fit properly. They must not have high heels because those girls are not yet used to wearing such footwear. There are shoes for little girls that a bit higher, but they are not stilettos. You may pick those for ages 6 and above. The last thing you do is to give them that may cause them to slip when walking. That can be dangerous to wear. Plus, you do not want them to cry in the middle of aisle marching during your wedding ceremony.


Furthermore, the shoes must give them comfort as they walk on the center of the aisle. Ensure that your flower girls can walk properly and conveniently with their shoes on. It is also helpful if you let them practice marching with the official flower girl shoes a day before the wedding.

Children’s skin is very delicate so when wearing makeup, use light ones. Strong or too much makeup can make them look uglier anyway. There are simple makeup kits for kids available. You can choose those instead of the regular ones used by teens and adult women. How they are taken care of with their looks must be entrusted to your makeup artist and hairstylist.

Giving your flower girls the cute and elegant look they deserve is a wonderful consideration. Like other participants of the ceremony, you need to ensure their dresses are beautiful and overall appearance is well done.