Wedding Dress Patterns

So you want to make your own wedding dress, but you’re not well-versed in the finer points of dress making; or perhaps you are a master craftswoman, but you need a little extra guidance and inspiration when it comes to planning the dress that you’ll wear on the most important day of your life—in either case, wedding dress patterns will come in handy.


Wedding dress patterns are helpful tools that will guide your way toward the creation of the perfect dress.  They include both vivid illustrations and detailed written instructions required to make the dress of your dreams.

As helpful as wedding dress patterns can be to your dressmaking efforts, you must choose the right patterns to suit your needs.  Make sure that the patterns, first and foremost, are clear and easy to follow.

A clear, concise, easy to follow dress pattern will ensure that you finish your dress on time, with no mistakes or undue stress and complications.

Your wedding dress patterns should be like handy road maps, directing you through each step of the dressmaking process; as well as like a trusted friend, gently guiding and inspiring you to make the best dress possible.  Remember this is your wedding dress, so there is no room for error or uncertainty!

Also, make sure that your wedding dress patterns reflect the exact type of dress you want to make.  If you wish to create a satin dream of pearls and ivory lace, then choose a traditional pattern that reflects this vision, capturing the priceless look and feel of a classic wedding gown.  Avoid snazzy, trendy patterns that might result in the sublime creation of a purple polka dot monstrosity!


If on the other hand you favor the unconventional, then choose wedding dress patterns that allow for creativity; perhaps ones that call for the use of diverse colors and unconventional fabrics.  You could go pink, gold, red, even purple.  You could have a long or short dress, perhaps one embroidered with pearls and gems, or perhaps one that is delightfully basic, a dress made of silk, satin, cotton, acrylic, etc.; the sky is the limit!  And on the day of her wedding, the bride is always right.

Wedding dress patterns are widely available at fabric shops, department stores, bridal boutiques, and on various sites online.  They do vary in price and quality, so you may want to compare the patterns you find; also asking the opinions of friends and relatives who are adept at the sewing crafts.

The creation of a homemade wedding gown is truly a lost art; one you can rediscover today, with a little help from some top quality wedding dress patterns.