Wedding Gown Preparation – What to Do on Your Wedding

With so many tasks to do on your wedding day, it may be impossible to check the small details of your bridal dress. Checking and preparing your wedding gown is a must before the big day arrives. Otherwise, a bride is going to encounter a problem in regards to her gown at this wonderful. Here are some important things to remind you to avoid experiencing as such.


1. Check the Zipper

Most brides don’t examine the zipper of their dresses properly. They simply just slide it up and down without even really assessing if it is fully functioning. Even if it is just a zipper, a lady who is going to wear a beautiful gown on her special day must see to it that it works. This helps avoid making your face red if the zipper gets stuck or slides down on its own. As much as possible, try the zipper of the gown the day or a few hours before the time of your wedding.

2. Do the Buttons Up

Some bridal dresses have buttons while they have zipper or even without it. If your own wedding gown has buttons, then you know what to do. It is also essential to check each and every button if they are placed properly. You do not want an area where your underwear is peeking out from a hole caused by an unbuttoned button.

3. Look Over the Hips Size

If you are renting or buying a gown for your wedding, it is a must to see if the size of the hips fit well. Even if you choose to have a customized dress, you still need to do the same concerning the hips size. Either way, it won’t make you feel convenient wearing it.

4. Search for a Stain or a Rip

As soon as you wear it, the dress must be checked thoroughly for some areas where they may be stains, scratches or rips. A stain is definitely a big thing to deal with when it comes to a wedding dress, since it is usually a white color. Any blemish in a white fabric can easily cause attention, even from a distance.

An unintentional cut, on the other hand, is a disaster, too. It’s been a long dream for you to put on a long gown, but then there is a rip at the bottom part. That is alright if you can fix it by making a sexy, small slit from that cut. Or else, it is something you won’t forget if you notice the rip when you are already marching down the aisle, or if it suddenly slashes as you try to walk gracefully.

5. Wear It in Front of a Life Size Mirror


In different angles, from back to front and left side to right side, a bride must check herself out with the dress on using a mirror. It is a lot better if there is more than one mirror. Also, it helps if you have an assistance to check on your dress. Your maid of honor can include this to her duties and responsibilities list, but take note your stylish and make artist are helpful as well.

Every bride wants to wear elegant attire on their special occasion, which is the wedding. Generally, it all comes down to having the most beautiful wedding dress. To look fashionable, the design and style as well as the fabric are what women usually pay attention to. And then there are more details, smaller ones, that are overlooked. Those things are also a part of how you would look on a bridal gown. So, ensure that you check and examine each detail of your dress before you start showing up and marching as your groom waits on you at the altar.