Wedding Guest Dress

So you’ve been invited to attend a wedding, to share in the joy and happiness of a couple close to you; honor these two special people with the selection of the ideal wedding guest dress.


In selecting wedding guest dresses, just remember that the clothes you wear to a wedding represent—not only you—but the couple whose ceremony you’re about to attend.  The bride in particular has put a great deal of thought into the look and décor of her ceremony; that is why wedding guest dress etiquette is so important.

An elegant occasion such as this one calls for a formal wedding guest dress; one made of a fine fabric such as silk, velvet or satin, in a design that is both beautiful and subtle.  Colors will vary according to personal preference, but a dress that conforms to the bride’s color scheme would be particularly ‘suit’able for the occasion.

If a guest’s budget does not allow for the purchase of a haute couture gown, then she still has plenty of wedding guest dress ideas from which to choose.  She can make her own dress, using either a traditional pattern or one taken from a respectable fashion magazine.  She could visit a department store and buy a tasteful, attractive dress in a less expensive fabric like cotton or polyester; perhaps spiffing it up with that standby string of pearls or some nice earrings.

The selection is truly endless when it comes to the wedding guest dress.  Always keep in mind, though, that you must choose a dress that conforms to your age, body type and personal style; and, for that matter, to the elegant, solemn nature of the wedding ceremony.  A hot little black spaghetti strap might be a great choice for the sister of the bride at the bachelorette party, but maybe not for the grandmother of the bride at the ceremony itself.:)


When it comes to modern fashion, refined examples of the wedding guest dress are as many and diverse as wedding guests themselves.  Just make sure that, whatever dress you choose, that it reflects the elegance, beauty and most of all the warmth of this very special occasion.  The wedding guest dress is far more than a light, frivolous fashion statement; it works as an intricate, truly beautiful part of the lavish spectacle and arty tableau that is the modern wedding.