Wedding Guest Dresses for Summer

Wedding guest dresses for summer present a special challenge for many wedding guests, as they want to be both comfortable and elegant on the big day; a day that will be as hot and humid as it is moving and memorable.


Sure, everyone would like to arrive at a wedding ceremony layered in luxurious silk and velvet gowns that fall gracefully to their feet; yet, if they wear these dresses to an outdoor ceremony in the heat of summer, they themselves might be falling over, overcome by the heat!  That is why wedding guest dresses for summer wedding should be lighter and more durable than their cool weather counterparts.

The good news, of course, is that wedding dresses for summer still can be absolutely beautiful.

The floral dress defines summer, especially for formal occasions that take place between the months of May and September.  Many summer wedding guests choose light, airy frocks emblazoned with the images of roses, daisies, lilies, carnations, and other floral gems.  Bright colors and patterns are also popular, with bright reds, blues, golds and pinks predominating.

Wedding guest dresses for summer also tend to be shorter, as well as a bit more flowing and pliant than their cooler weather counterparts.  And while no one would want to wear a micro mini to a formal wedding, the classic little sun dress is perfectly appropriate at most summer nuptials.  Of course, other summer wedding guests might opt for longer dresses that are light in texture, like a delicate dress of frilly lace or sleek satin, or a classic wrap.

And of course, what could be more appropriate for a summer occasion than the classic sundress?  Flowing, elegant and comfortable, a lady wearing a sundress in ivory white, blazing blue or fiery red just might outshine the bride!


Regardless of the color, style or length a woman chooses, wedding guest dresses for summer are generally crafted from lighter fabrics, such as satins, light silks and breathable cotton.  This type of fabric allows for comfort as well as elegance, with a good dose for affordability thrown in for good measure.

Wedding guest dresses for summer should represent the ultimate combination of elegance and beauty, practicality and affordability.  A wedding guest can liken a radiant flower at a summer wedding, providing, of course, that she doesn’t outshine the Rose of the Day: the happy bride.