Wedding Guest Dresses

Wedding guest dresses are an integral part of any matrimonial ceremony; and for a variety of reasons.


When a person attends a wedding, he/she is honoring a person who is special in his/her life; perhaps a dear friend, a cherished family member or a respected co-worker.  The guest wants to pay his/her respects to the bride and groom by looking neat and presentable at the ceremony.

…or perhaps even more than neat and presentable.  A wedding is a formal occasion, after all; that’s why wedding guest dresses should be both lovely and elegant.

The guest doesn’t want to outshine the bride, but she does want to be able to stand beside the bride in wedding photos; and, for that matter, to look mighty fine on the dance floor at the reception.  The guest wants to glow at the wedding, turned out in the best fashions for all to admire.

Indeed, the wedding guest wants to be at her best on the day of the ceremony.  With this in mind she should start shopping early, canvassing her favorite boutiques and department stores for the dress that will meet her needs.   That way she won’t end up shopping at the last minute, grabbing the first dress off the rack before dashing off to the wedding.

By the same token, a woman doesn’t want to be too particular in selecting wedding guest dresses.  She won’t be likely to find the perfect dress, but can—with a healthy dose of time, care and attention—discover the dress that’s perfect for her.


She also should be careful to avoid fashion traps when selecting wedding guest dresses.   The most trendy or fashionable dress may not be the best for her; or, for that matter, the most tasteful and appropriate to wear for a formal occasion.  Furthermore, the most fashionable dress is not always right for all ages or body types.  You don’t have to wear the same dress you saw on the cover of a fashion magazine, or in a music video.  Just find the dress that’s right for your body, your age, your personal taste.

It’s never easy to find the ideal wedding guest dresses; but with a little patience and a lot of ingenuity, you can find the dress that’s perfect for you—and, furthermore, that’s more than perfect for the occasion of a wedding.