Wedding Reception Dresses

Wedding reception dresses are as beautiful and diverse as the women who wear them; yet they will differ substantially according to the identity and fashion sense of each woman, as well as the specific role she plays in the day’s proceedings.


Wedding reception dresses for the happy bride should be “the fairest of them all,” regardless of the style or nature of the ceremony.  It is the bride’s day to shine; not only at the wedding ceremony, but at the reception that follows.

Some brides choose to wear their wedding dresses to the reception; considering that they paid a small fortune for this frilly, lacy frock and will only wear it once in a lifetime (or so we dearly hope), then why the heck not?:)  Others, however, want to celebrate their receptions in a more flexible, comfortable dress that still bespeaks beauty and bridal elegance.

A bride, for example, might choose to wear a colorful formal in silk or satin; a fancy party dress that will permit her the flexibility of dancing, eating and socializing to her heart’s content.

Wedding reception dresses for guests also can be fun and functional, not to mention absolutely beautiful.  Every guest much select a dress that suits her age, tastes, and body type, but all dresses should be attractive and chic, while still pliant and flexible enough to permit for lots of cake eating and a few turns on the dance floor.

Of course, ‘attractive and chic’ doesn’t have to mean pricey.  Cheap wedding reception dresses are available online, at department stores, as well as at high-end consignment shops.  Those who are shopping for inexpensive reception dresses should start looking for sales and clearances in the weeks before the wedding, and also be on the lookout for boutiques that offer discounted, discontinued, or gently used formal fashions.


Regardless of the color, style or price tag attached to a gown, long wedding reception dresses will always be in style.  Flowing, floor-length gowns will always be popular, both at weddings and wedding receptions, as they bespeak elegance, tradition, glamour and good taste.

Wedding reception dresses are perhaps the most elegant and festive form of the party dress.  Save the micro minis and the disco-style dresses for another occasion.  Only the loveliest and most tasteful frocks will earn a warm reception at a wedding; the most sacred of events.