Where and How to Get Used Wedding Dresses

It is not a mockery or an embarrassment to have a cheap kind of wedding. Your guests won’t even know just how much you spend, unless you say so. In terms of the bridal dress, you can also go for a cheaper option. That is to opt for a used wedding gown. If it looks new and stunning, no one will guess that it has been used for more than once.


The big question is how can you get a used dress that you can wear on your wedding day? The answer to this question is listed in a few points. You may surely need to pay attention and increase your exciting curiosity.

1. Search Online

One easy way to find good choices of used wedding dresses is via the Internet. Just sitting down for an hour or two can get you numerous choices of beautiful dresses. This should be the first step that you have to do if you are looking for a cheaper option of a bride’s dress.

There are many websites that offer used dresses and gowns for the bride. It won’t be too difficult for you to find one that is most suited for your needs and body shape. One thing you have to know about finding items online is that the quality may not be figured out until it is seen in person. It is quite a risk, since it is not allowed to return any used dresses from shopping on the net, and that is because most of those are sold by ordinary people. You can’t find a clothing company that sells used dresses anyway.

2. Ask Someone You Know

Your friends and relatives may have an idea where to get used bridal dresses. There is a 50% chance to get answers from them. So, asking is something not risky or too much to do anyway. Who knows, one of them may have a bridal dress that fits to you that you can borrow. If your grandmother has that dress that you have been looking for and passes it to you, it will be an honor and a privilege.

3. Look for Garage Sales and Bargains

Another way to find used dresses for brides is through garage sale or bargain in wedding dress shops. You can have a local listing from newspapers or even through the Internet. There may be an upcoming garage sale nearby your place.


What are the things you have to keep in mind when choosing bridal dresses that have been used once or more? Are there dos and don’ts to be aware of? Yes, there are surely risks of getting a used dress as your attire for the wedding. However, this must not discourage you from trying to find a much cheaper option to wear.

First of all, you make sure that the price is right and suitable enough. It may still be a little expensive for an item that has been used before. Wouldn’t that be unfair to you? If there is small difference between the cost of a new and an old or used bridal dress, why not just go for the brand new one instead?

Also, look for stains, holes and cuts that can help you decide whether to get it or not. Even if it has been used once, the dress must still look fabulous. When it is well cleaned and fixed, no one should have guessed that it’s an old dress.

The most important of all is to never finalize your payment if you have not yet tried wearing it. Besides, you have to see the item before your eyes and hold it with your bare hands so you can assure if there are some blemishes to take care of and other things.