Which is Better, Pure White Dress or Gown with Accents?

Most women wear the traditional white gown when marrying the man of their dreams. Sometimes, there are accents and sparkles that make the dress non-pure white. There are also brides who prefer wearing a non-white dress, which is usually rare. Now, that you are engaged and soon to march down the quite long aisle toward the altar, which one do you prefer? If you are struggling as to what dress, whether traditional or not, to wear, this post helps you realize just what you need.


The White Dress

Wedding gown in plain white color is timeless. It does stay in the picture of the fashion world, as far as marriage celebration is concerned. This explains why many brides from around the world still like to wear the traditional gown when tying the knot.

The beauty and elegance of a woman shine brighter when she is wearing a very spotless white dress. She twinkles like a diamond among jewelry, or a glittering star in the night sky. The white color also represents purity and grace, which every woman needs to maintain before her walk toward becoming Mrs. Right.

The Accents

If you are bored with the all-white design of a dress, you can embellish it with other elements. This is the only idea that keeps the tradition of the bride’s intact but with a little modern style. It is very common now to see wedding gowns with rhinestones and gemstones stitched around the dresses. They make the outfit of a beautiful bride more sparkling. If not stones, designers add fabrics of other colors. There is also a full white dress with a ribbon in different color tied or stitched with it. Either way, the full white dress becomes more interesting, creative and stunning with accents around it.

The Other Colors

If you are weighing choices between traditional white and non-white dresses but the latter seems interest you the most, then you might just consider having a colored wedding gown. While there are plenty of colors to select, we’ll narrow down to only a few choices. This also helps you select the right color that makes you suffer from a headache, because we do know it’s kind of stressful to prepare a big occasion like your wedding.

Suggestion 1: Silver

The closest color of white that you can use is silver. It is a very sophisticated color of a dress that makes any bride looks more gorgeous. It will make you standout with personal and unique style on your own wedding.

Suggestion 2: Pink


A pale pink colored dress for a bride is also a beautiful choice. Many famous Hollywood celebrities have chosen this style on their special day. You may want to feel more than just a bride by choosing this color if it is your favorite, too.

Suggestion 3: Blue

For a beach themed wedding, blue is definitely the perfect color. It is recommended to wear a blue dress that is somewhat light. Dark blue is less elegant for a bridal gown or dress. If the wedding takes place in fall or winter, a darker shade may be opted.

Suggestion 4: Gold

Another sophisticated and stunning color for a bride’s non-traditional dress is gold. This color actually symbolizes a more specific personality or character of a woman. Be sure that it matches your traits before you even think of wearing a shiny gold wedding dress.

Suggestion 5: Yellow

If gold is too regal for you, a pale yellow might be a good one to consider. This makes any woman look beautiful as she dons a bright colored dress. The wonderful, quirky hue of this color makes you more noticeable.

The final question now is, which one do you prefer to wear on your big and joyous event?